QNMU General Contact

​Main Office in Brisbane

Street address: 106 Victoria St, West End Q 4101
Postal address: GPO Box 1289, Brisbane Q 4001
Phone: 07 3840 1444
Toll free: 1800 177 273
Fax: 07 3844 9387

For our regional offices, see the footer at the bottom of this page.


 "I am a member and I need assistance urgently..."

You can also fill out an online Request for Representation form  or download the form and mail it to the QNMU.
If you have a pre-existing matter please refer to our Member Representation policy, particularly the section on ‘New members and pre-existing matters’.

Other Contacts:

General membership:
Contact QNMU Membership 07 3840 1440  or outside Brisbane 1800 177 273 or email member@qnmu.org.au

General inquiries and advice:
Call our Brisbane office reception on 07 3840 1444, or toll free outside Brisbane on 1800 177 273. You can also fax 07 3844 9387.  For our regional offices, see the footer at the bottom of this page.

QNMU Library (Members only)
QNMU members have access to an extensive library of books, journals and videos covering issues such as health, health related, and industrial relations issues. Visit the library page in the members only area or email library@qnmu.org.au .

Media inquiries and interviews
Contact Lou Robson, Deepwater Media on 0422 550 278 or QNMU Brisbane office (07) 3840 1444.
For media releases click here.

QNMU publications and journal inquiries
Contact Linda Brady on 07 3099 3210 or email lbrady@qnmu.org.au .

Journal advertising
Contact Denielle Smith on  07 3840 1463 or email dsmith@qnmu.org.au .

Sponsorship inquiries​
Contact Jenny Gett on 07 3840 1430 or email jgett@qnmu.org.au .