Penalty rates slippery slope continues

Published 3, August 2017

Clubs Australia has confirmed its push to have the Clubs Award abolished, leaving club workers the next group of workers to have their penalty rates cut.

Unfortunately, this is just the next step in the slippery slope to abolish all penalty rates. Nurses have witnessed attempts by their employers to cut their penalty rates, including from Sonic Health Plus, PresCare and Carinity. Fortunately, we’ve been able to stop these employers, but we know the attacks will keep coming.

One club worker and United Voice member, Selina, has written the following letter to show that workers like her simply cannot afford these pay cuts. Read below to see how you can help.


I’m just so angry.

My name’s Selina. I am a United Voice member and I work in a club.

Clubs Australia has just formally lodged an application to abolish the Clubs Award. They want to inflict a massive cut in pay on tens-of-thousands of workers like me.

I work weekends for the extra money to save up for IVF and start a family with my husband.

It doesn’t sound like much, but the extra I get on a weekend means I can get by and maybe put a tiny bit away each week.

We all know the vital role Clubs play in the community.

I don’t understand why Clubs Australia is kicking some of the lowest paid people in the guts… the people that keep their clubs running.

I’m really angry.

It’s a pay-cut I can’t afford and don’t deserve.

Please help me and thousands of Club Workers just like me. Go to and take action now.

Together, we will stop these cuts to penalty rates going any further.

Selina – Clubs Worker and United Voice Member