Election 2017: Queenslanders decide 

Queenslanders have voted, and they voted for more nurses, midwives, and better health care.

Last week Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk officially claimed victory, with the Labor Party securing a 48-seat majority government.  

For Queensland’s nurses and midwives, this means much of the work we have been doing over the past three years to restore frontline jobs and health services will continue, including the rollout of legislated ratios. 

During the election, the QNMU secured the following commitments from the Labor Party:
  • Ongoing implementation of legislated ratios in the public sector
  • Introduce minimum nurse staffing levels in State Government Nursing Homes
  • Legislate public reporting in public, private and aged care sectors
  • Employ more nurses and midwives (including more permanent employment for graduates and more Nurse Navigators and Nurse Practitioners)
  • Support penalty rates. 

We’ll be holding the government to account and will work with them to ensure they stay true to their commitments. 

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Where do the parties stand?

The day the Queensland election was called the QNMU wrote to each political party seeking various health commitments around ratios, penalty rates and job security, to name a few.

^The LNP has simply stated they will “continue to grow the hospital workforce in Queensland’s public health system”. 
*While Katter's Australian Party did not respond specifically to each of our claims, the party is "supportive of the objectives the QNMU are trying to achieve ... we give every bill that passes through parliament detailed consideration". 

View the full responses from political parties here.

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to see what the political parties have announced regarding health policies, and their individual policy websites. 

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