Canberra owes Queensland hundreds of millions in health funds

The Turnbull federal government currently owes Queenslanders hundreds of millions in health funding, but are refusing to pay up.

In 2014, Tony Abbott’s government abandoned an agreement with all Australian states where the federal government would fund 45% of the growth in hospital costs. These growth figures were determined by the Independent Hospital Pricing Authority – the figures are not political, but simply tell governments how much money is needed to fund the health system we all rely on.   

By walking away from the 45% agreement, billions of dollars were ripped from already budgeted state health services.

The federal government recently promised to pay back $308.2 million to Queenslanders in health funding, but this money doesn’t come close to paying back the $1.12 billion owed to Queenslanders for already budgeted health services. 

Queenslanders are being ripped off.

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What does it mean for nurses and midwives?

We need more nurses and midwives in Queensland – something the Palaszczuk government has promised to deliver – but it won’t happen without this money that is owed to us.

Simply refusing to pay the bills doesn’t cut it for ordinary Queenslanders, so why should the federal government be allowed to get away with it?

We call on the federal government to stand up for Queenslanders and show us the money. 

How can you help?

There are a number of things you can do right now to stand up for Queensland:


Authorised by B.Mohle, Secretary, Queensland Nurses and Midwives’ Union, 106 Victoria Street, West End 4101.