Ratios for Aged Care

Over the past 13 years, chronic understaffing has seen a 400% increase in preventable deaths of elderly Australians in aged care. Hundreds have died from falls, choking and suicide.

Hard-pressed nurses and care staff do their best in impossible circumstances, but they are run off their feet and can’t provide the care they want to.

Meanwhile, aged care providers racked up over $1 billion in profits last year. At the same time, thousands of nursing hours were cut. 

Our call for ratios in aged care

Currently, there are no legislated ratios for aged care and no laws to ensure our elderly get the care they need.

It’s time for our federal politicians to legislate ratios for aged care now! 

Who's pledged to support ratios in aged care?

Aged care workers are bravely speaking out about the chronic understaffing in our aged care facilities, but we need our federal politicians to legislate minimum nurse-to-resident ratios in aged care now. 

Click here to see if your local federal member has pledged to support ratios in aged care!  

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Latest updates

  • Unsafe conditions detected in 83 Qld aged care facilities
    Published: 14 September 2018

    A state-wide audit of aged care facilities has revealed chronic understaffing and associated elder neglect in all 30 federal Queensland electorates.
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  • Feds walk away from elderly in aged care
    Published: 13 September 2018

    The federal government has today effectively turned its back on elderly Australians by refusing to consider the introduction of a national law to ensure aged care facilities are safely staffed.
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  • Federal Minister accuses Australian nurses of elder abuse
    Published: 14 May 2018

    Federal Aged Care Minister Ken Wyatt, shamed by nurses speaking out on this subject ahead of a federal election, has returned serve.
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  • Qld nurses conduct secret aged care audit
    Published: 13 May 2018

    Queensland nurses tired of inaction on elder neglect have joined forces to conduct a secret, state-wide audit of aged care facilities.
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  • Ken Wyatt's band aid fix for aged care
    Published: 18 April 2018

    I write in response to Federal Minister for Ageing Ken Wyatt’s media release titled Powerful New Reforms to Ensure Safe, Quality Aged Care (18 April 2018).
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