Taking the lead

Secretary Beth Mohle and Assistant Secretary Sandra Eales are working hard to promote and defend the industrial, professional, social, political and democratic values and interests of members.

Secretary | Beth Mohle

Beth commenced her career in nursing in 1983. She worked as a registered nurse at the Royal Brisbane Hospital. 
Beth joined the QNMU as an Organiser in 1991 and held project and research positions before being elected Assistant Secretary in January 2007 and Secretary in April 2011.
Beth has worked hard to advance the industrial and professional interests and values of nurses and midwives working in all sectors across Queensland.
As QNMU Secretary, her focus remains firmly on members and using numerous avenues to address the challenges they confront in their daily working lives. This has included:

  • Developing strategies to address nursing workforce shortages and the impact these have on workloads, skill mix and quality of care in all sectors, including the Nurses.For.You.For.Life campaign
  • Focusing on improving wages and working conditions, especially in low wage areas such as aged care
  • Increasing professional and legal services and resources for members
  • Addressing safety and security concerns (such as her direct involvement in the Outer Torres Strait Island dispute in 2008)
  • Developing a plan to achieve safe, high quality health services through the QNMU's Ratios Save Lives Campaign
  • Representing the superannuation interests of members in unprecedented economic times as a board member of QSuper

Beth is currently a board member of QSuper, is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees (AIST) and was named AISTs Trustee of the Year in 2008. She was previously a board member and Chair of HESTA and holds a number of superannuation related qualifications and a Graduate Certificate in Health Economics.  
As Senior Vice President of the Queensland Council of Unions (QCU), Beth actively contributes to strategy development for the broader union movement. She is also an active founding member of the Queensland Community Alliance.

Assistant Secretary | Sandra Eales

A member of the QNMU since 1980, and a long time Councillor, Sandra is a strong advocate for the union movement, particularly when it comes to empowering nurses and midwives. With 35 years’ experience working as a nurse and 29 as a midwife, Sandra has a wealth of experience to draw on in her role as QNMU Assistant Secretary.

Through the QNMU, Sandra has developed her role as a workplace activist and made significant changes at a local level, including campaigning to reopen the Mareeba maternity unit as a rural stand alone midwifery service – the first in Queensland, which Sandra helped pilot in 2005.

Being the family bread winner and raising two sons as a sole parent for many years, a big part of Sandra’s QNMU involvement has focused on advocating for a healthy work/life balance for all nurses and midwives.

As QNMU Assistant Secretary, Sandra's focus is on member engagement and branch development, creating healthy workplace cultures, and  nurse and midwife wellness.