What does council do?

QNMU Council is responsible for the overall management of our Union's affairs, and oversees the implementation of Annual Conference decisions.

The QNMU's Annual Conference (usually held in July each year) is the primary policy-making body of the QNMU.  It gives members, through their Branches, the authority to debate the union’s direction and policies and ultimately formulate the policy which governs our Union.

The QNMU Council also works to achieve the objectives of the Union’s Strategic Plan.

The strategic plan, which is revised every three years, outlines the principles and direction that guides our organisation.

QNMU Council consists of 24 nurses and midwives who are elected honorary officials, as well as the Secretary and the Assistant Secretary of the Union.

The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation Council QNMU Branch is the federal counterpart to the QNMU council, and meetings occur at the same time as those of the QNMU Council.

There is also an eight member QNMU Executive made up of members from the Council as well as the Secretary and Assistant Secretary.

The Secretary is responsible for the day-to-day management and administration of the union and its staff, and for implementing Council decisions. The Assistant Secretary is responsible for assisting the Secretary and assumes the full duties of the Secretary in longer absences.

The Secretary and Assistant Secretary are the only full-time officials of Council, and are elected by secret ballot of all members every four years. All other members of Council are elected by secret ballot of all members every four years.

The entire Council meets at least six times a year, while the union Executive meets between Council meetings.

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