About Gwen

Gwendolyn Blom is an Enrolled Nurse and Clinical Midwife at West Moreton Children’s Health department.

Gwen Blom

Before a career in nursing and midwifery, I worked in Queensland prisons for more than a decade. 
I had been asked to speak with a young, First Nations identified woman who had been reported to be at risk of harm. Our discussion to ease her pain, self-hate, and provide wellbeing support over the year in prison led to my career change. 
I first studied a diploma of nursing working in forensic health, then a Bachelor of Midwifery.  
Midwifery was my goal and during studies I dreamt of being able to practice with the most vulnerable Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women. And it became a reality. 
In September 2019, I gained the Clinical Midwifery Consultant position for a project that was part of EB10.
I was so grateful to practice a midwifery clinical lead role with a cultural lens and provide support to vulnerable high-risk pregnant women and staff referring women to my services.  
My career highlight was submitting the project evaluation report that outlined the importance of an identified workforce and the practice of re-engagement essentially when delivered by an identified person. 
A pinnacle moment personally was when I came across the woman I supported at the beginning of my story. We recognised each other and our transparency reconnected us as she expressed her joy with her pregnancy and found meaning from our reunion within the community. 
She said she will continue with her decisions of positive life changes for herself, baby, and little family. 
I felt this was an amazing coincidence and then thought, was this fate?

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