Bolton Clarke to offer increased contracted hours, full-time employment


Thanks to the QNMU, 3000 part-time Bolton Clarke aged care staff – mostly nurses and carers – will be offered increased contracted hours or full-time employment.

The offers mean better income security for members, and a significantly reduced risk of management cutting staff hours.

How did we achieve this win?

In April 2020, Bolton Clarke began asking nursing staff who had a second job to choose between taking unpaid leave for at least three months, using up their paid leave, stopping work in their second job, or being stood down without pay. 

This posed a significant concern for members, many of whom rely on working across multiple facilities to get enough hours to make ends meet. 
But the QNMU argued in the Federal Court that Bolton Clarke’s standing down of members without pay was unlawful. We were ultimately successful in making Bolton Clarke reverse their stand down decisions and pay out more than $18,000 in compensation to the five members we represented.

Bolton Clarke then asked to meet with QNMU Secretary Beth Mohle to discuss “strengthening relationships and future collaboration opportunities”. 

At that meeting, we explored shared interests and the QNMU advised Bolton Clarke that the income security of our members was a critical interest for the QNMU. This needed to be improved to minimise the risk of nurses and carers losing hours. 

We then sent Bolton Clarke a QNMU Income Security Plan, the essence of which has become Bolton Clarke’s Income Security Standard. 
This ‘standard’ is an aged care industry leading position. 

Bolton Clarke will offer increased contracted hours or full-time employment to a majority of part-time employees, which means these employees will have a more stable and secure income.

A win-win for workers and management

A more secure aged care workforce isn’t just good news for aged care workers, it’s good news for elders in care and providers too, as it helps retain valuable workers. 

We urge other aged care providers to follow Bolton Clarke’s lead and commit to income security now.

If you are a Bolton Clarke member you can find out more at