Does your contract reflect your actual hours?


If your written contract doesn’t reflect the number of hours you actually work on a regular basis, you can request to have it amended to reflect the hours you actually work.
Many aged care workers are currently employed on ‘contracts’ that state a minimum number of hours they must work per fortnight (e.g. 16 hours), but regularly work more hours than that.
Once you’ve consistently worked more hours than your ‘contracted’ hours over a number of fortnights, you can request that management amend your contract. 
By having your written contract reflect your usual number of hours worked, you will have greater job security should your employer ever want to think about reducing your hours.
Most enterprise agreements provide a right for you to make such a request and many prevent the employer from unreasonably refusing to agree to that request.
It’s up to you to request a review of your contracted hours, whether your agreement mentions such a request or not. You should email your facility manager requesting a review, stating you have not already requested a review of your contract this year, as well as the number of hours you typically work per fortnight.
Be sure to keep a copy of this written request.

Template request letters

QNMU members can use the below template letters to request management update their contract: