Getting your best tax return in 2022

Published: 17 June 2022

The following tax advice is general in nature and should not be relied upon as detailed advice. It has been provided for QNMU members by Etax Accountants. Please note, the QNMU cannot provide members with tax advice – members should seek any necessary tax advice from an authorised registered tax agent.

How can I maximise my tax return in 2022?

The simplest way for nurses and midwives to maximise their tax return for 2022 is to make sure you are claiming all your legitimate tax deductions for the 2021/22 tax year.

What is a tax deduction?

A tax deduction, put simply, is an expense occurred as a result of a work-related activity or purchase. For example, if you travelled between hospitals during shifts or purchased a work-related item out of your own pocket, good chances are you’ll be able to claim this back as a tax deduction, as long as it is legitimate.  

How do I know if my tax deduction is legitimate?

There are a couple of requirements you must meet to ensure your tax deduction is eligible to claim on your tax return. If you can answer yes to the below, then your deduction is usually claimable:

  1. You paid for the item, and
  2. The item is directly related to your work, and
  3. You were not reimbursed for the purchase, and
  4. You have a receipt, tax invoice or evidence to support your claim


What are some of the deductions I can claim as a nurse or midwife?

While the list for claimable tax deductions is quite large, not every deduction possible will apply to you. Below are some of the most common tax deductions for nurses and midwives:

  • Memberships and union fees: Includes QNMU fees or other nursing/midwife registration fees. 
  • Work uniform: Designated uniforms or protective clothing costs (purchased by you) and the laundering of your uniform.
  • Tools of the trade: Clinical equipment such as stethoscopes, reference books, nursing fobs, etc.
  • Car expenses: If you have travelled from one workplace to another in your own car you can claim 72c per km up to 5000km. This does not include home to work travel.
  • Computer or laptop: A work-related portion of personal computer use.
  • Home office expenses: Work-related percentage of costs such as internet and electricity if you’re required to work from home. 
  • Self-education expenses: If you’re studying to further your current role (including short courses like first aid or OH&S), then the costs are usually claimable. If your study is to get a new job (or your first job) the expenses are not claimable.
  • Mobile phone: A work-related portion of your personal mobile phone use.
  • Subscriptions and books: Nursing and midwifery magazines, books and other journals directly related to your job.


Are there any changes to my tax return due to COVID-19?

Yes, there are! The main change that may impact your tax return as a nurse or midwife is the ability to claim Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs). If you have purchased a RAT for the requirement of testing before being able to start work, and you have met the previously mentioned requirements for tax deductions, then your RAT expense is usually claimable.

Still need more tax help?

If you’re not sure, just ask a tax agent. Don’t forget, tax agent fees are deductible too!

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