Annual leave, leave loading recovered at UCH

Published: 10 August 2018 

With assistance from the QNMU, nurses and midwives at UnitingCare Health (UCH) have received significant leave loading backpay and crediting of annual leave.

While it is difficult to calculate the exact figure, we estimate the outstanding leave loading paid to all UCH shift workers amounts to hundreds of thousands of dollars.   

The issue of incorrect leave calculations started in October 2015 when the new UCH enterprise agreement commenced.

The agreement contained a new definition for shift worker, as well as new provisions around annual leave and how leave loading is calculated.

During a routine QNMU site visit at Buderim Private Hospital in 2017, it became clear that these new clauses were not being implemented. As a result, Buderim members were not receiving the correct leave loading and were missing out on a week of annual leave.

Further investigation from the QNMU found the incorrect calculation of leave loading went beyond the Buderim site and extended to all UCH shift workers.

Following a 12-month process involving 26 site visits to Buderim Private Hospital, as well as numerous meetings with UCH management to ensure the correct definition of ‘shift worker’ was applied, the issue has finally been resolved.

Buderim members have now received an extra week of annual leave, and all outstanding leave loading has been paid to UCH members.

It just goes to show it pays to belong to your union!