Get the best deal with Union Shopper

Published: 10 August 2018 

If you’re looking to buy a product, the Union Shopper can help you find the best deal… whether it’s an everyday appliance or your next holiday. And as a QNMU member, you can access this service for free!

The Union Shopper is the largest member benefits organisation in Australia, and is fully union-owned and proud.

As a union member, you have the collective buying power of 1.7 million members. That means you can access discounts and savings on a range of products, including groceries, accommodation, entertainment, movies, insurance, petrol, travel and liquor.

Other Union Shopper services and discounts include:

  • Mortgage planners
  • A range of 33 different gift cards, sent to your smartphone
  • Health and pet insurance
  • Travel
  • And more…

Visit for more information and to start saving today!