Who's pledged to support ratios in aged care?

Aged care workers are bravely speaking out about the chronic understaffing in our aged care facilities, but we need our federal politicians to act.

Our federal politicians must legislate minimum nurse-to-resident ratios in aged care now.

Check below to see if your local MP or Senator has pledged to support ratios in aged care! 

Local MPs:

  Blair Hon Shayne Nuemann MP ALP  
  Bonner Mr Ross Vasta LNP  
Bonner ALP candidate: Ms Jo Briskey ALP 13 September 2018
  Bowman Mr Andrew Laming LNP  
  Brisbane Mr Trevor Evans LNP  
Brisbane  Greens candidate: Mr Andrew Bartlett  Greens  14 January 2019 
Brisbane  ALP candidate: Mr Paul Newbury  ALP  15 January 2019 
  Capricornia Ms Michelle Landry National Party  
Capricornia ALP candidate: Russell Robertson ALP 17 September 2018 
  Dawson Mr George Christensen National Party  
  Dickson Hon Peter Dutton MP LNP  
  Fadden Hon Stuart Robert MP LNP  
  Fairfax Mr Ted O'Brien LNP  
  Fisher Mr Andrew Wallace LNP  
Fisher ALP candidate: Mr Daniel Parsell  ALP  23 January 2019 
  Flynn Mr Kenneth O'Dowd National Party  
Flynn ALP candidate: Mr Zac Beers ALP 11 September 2018
  Forde Mr Bert van Manen LNP  
Forde ALP candidate: Mr Des Hardman ALP 14 September 2018
Griffith Ms Terri Butler ALP 25 May 2018
  Groom Hon Dr John McVeigh LNP  
Herbert Ms Cathy O'Toole ALP 12 May 2018 (International Nurses Day)
  Hinkler Hon Keith Pitt MP National Party  
Hinkler ALP candidate: Mr Richard Pascoe ALP 11 September 2018
  Kennedy Hon Bob Katter MP Katter's Australian Party  
  Leichhardt Hon Warren Entsch MP LNP  
Leichhardt ALP candidate: Elida Faith ALP 18 May 2018
Lilley Retiring member: Hon Wayne Swan MP
Endorsed ALP candidate: Ms Anika Wells
ALP 12 May 2018 (International Nurses Day)
Longman Ms Susan Lamb ALP 31 May 2018
  Maranoa Hon David Littleproud MP National Party  
  McpHerson Hon Karen Andrews MP LNP  
  Moncrieff Hon Steven Ciobo MP LNP  
Moreton Mr Graham Perrett; ALP 19 July 2018
Oxley Mr Milton Dick ALP 23 July 2018
  Petrie Mr Luke Howarth LNP  
Petrie ALP candidate: Ms Corrine Mulholland ALP 17 September 2018
  Rankin Dr Jim Chalmers ALP  
  Ryan Hon Jane Prentice MP LNP  
Ryan Greens candidate: Jake Schoemer Greens  11 February 2019
Ryan ALP candidate: Peter Cossar ALP  22 February 2019
  Wide Bay Mr Llew O'Brien National Party  
  Wright Mr Scott Buchholz LNP  

Queensland Senators:

  Senator Larissa Waters  Greens  
  Senator Fraser Anning  Independent   
Senator Anthony Chisholm  ALP 24 September 2018
  Senator Pauline Hanson  One Nation  
  Senator Christopher Ketter  ALP  
Senator Claire Moore ALP 26 September 2018
Senator Murray Watt ALP 4 October 2018
  Senator Barry O'Sullivan National Party  
  Senator Matthew Canavan National Party  
  Senator Ian Macdonald LNP  
  Senator James McGrath LNP  
ALP Senate candidate: Nita Green ALP 18 October 2018