EB11 - what you need to know about annual leave being exclusive of public holidays

Under the proposed EB11 agreement, the QNMU has secured an agreement that annual leave is to be exclusive of all public holidays – this means no annual leave will be deducted for days that fall on a public holiday

If you work in a unit that closes on a public holiday, you will have the option of moving to four weeks annual leave and never having to work a public holiday.

Can my manager make me opt to get reduced annual leave in exchange for never having to work on a public holiday?

No. This is entirely up to you. If you want to continue to be available to work on some public holidays you can definitely do that.

Can I opt to never work on a public holiday if I work on a ward or other area that operates on a public holiday?

No, this is only available to nurses and midwives who work in units or services that close on public holidays.

If I work in a unit that closes on a public holiday and I get six weeks annual leave because I work in the Western or Northern Region, how much annual leave will I get if I opt to not work on public holidays as per clause 35.3?

You would get five weeks annual leave – you would continue to get the additional week because you work in the Western or Northern Region.

Will the public holiday and annual leave changes be backdated to 1 April 2022?

No, these won’t be backdated and will only take effect from the date the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission certifies the agreement.

If I am a part-time employee, will I get paid for all public holidays I don’t work?

No, only those ones that you would otherwise work if it wasn’t a public holiday.

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