What is QNMU Law?

QNMU Law provides discounted legal services for QNMU members through our independent incorporated legal practice.

QNMU Law is the first legal practice in Queensland to provide services tailored to the unique needs and challenges experienced by nurses and midwives.


QNMU Law employs lawyers and paralegal staff who have been supporting QNMU members for more than 25 years. Legal Practitioner Director, Judy Simpson, is a lawyer and nurse who offers a unique perspective on the legal challenges faced by Queensland’s nurses and midwives. An accomplished Legal Practitioner Director, Judy has extensive experience offering QNMU members legal representation and is well regarded by our professional indemnity insurer.


QNMU Law is an incorporated legal practice, with Queensland’s largest union – the QNMU – its sole shareholder. Our ownership of QNMU Law means that we can keep costs low for members seeking legal advice, extending the support and service offered to members in times of need. Our members also benefit from our union to cultivating expertise on all legal matters affecting the employment and professional regulation of nurses and midwives.

Who do I contact?

For more information about the firm visit www.qnmulaw.com.au.

To access free legal support for work-related matters, use the Member Request for Representation form.

To access discounted legal support for non-work-related matters, use the LegalPlus referral process .