About Janelle

Janelle Taylor is a Nurse Unit Manager working at The Prince Charles Hospital in the Cardiology ward. She has been a nurse since 1981.

Janelle Taylor 

It’s fair to say that we have been busier than usual this year, working longer shifts as needed and juggling the changing nature of COVID-19. 
There is no doubt these have been uncommon times. Frontline staff across our hospitals, including all my nursing and midwifery colleagues, have experienced elevated workloads and associated levels of stress and anxiety. 
It’s a good thing that nurses and midwives are natural born problem solvers. It’s what we do. We have a strong desire to keep the community safe. 
Today and every day I have been focused on being there for my team of hard-working nurses and our patients. The priority was ensuring we kept our heads above water and offered support to each other during demanding times for our workforce. 
As messaging and procedures changed rapidly, guided by advice from experts across our health service and around the country, we adapted along with it, talking clearly to one another about issues like Personal Protective Equipment. 
It’s important to remember that throughout COVID-19, we have been treating not only pandemic related patients but expectant mothers, victims of motor vehicle incidents, cancer patients and many others – all with a heightened sense of fear around their condition and COVID-19. We have worked hard to help keep the friends and families of patients calm and protected. 
I am so proud of my team and of nurses, midwives and health care workers everywhere. 
Our staff have gone above and beyond, putting themselves at risk to help others during this unprecedented event. 
Queensland should be extremely proud of its health system and those who provide care for Queenslanders.


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