Our Leadership

QNMU leadership team and council

The QNMU branch leadership team and council is elected by the union's general membership. These positions also fill the corresponding office in the QNMU.

President: Sally-Anne Jones

Sally-Anne is the current QNMU state and ANMF federal President. She began her nursing career in Cairns as an AIN in aged care before moving to Brisbane to become a Registered Nurse.  Sally-Anne has worked in a range of clinical areas, including cancer care and Emergency Departments, and is currently Nursing Director Critical Care Women’s and Children’s Services at Redcliffe Hospital.

Sally-Anne is a powerful advocate for change at the system and local levels, including through national consultative forums via the ANMF.

Vice-President: Lucynda Maskell

Lucynda is QNMU Vice President, a passionate nurse and midwife advocate and activist and a strong voice for rural and remote Queensland members. Lucynda has been an active union member since working at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in the 1990s, and was a Brisbane-based QNMU organiser.   

Lucynda currently works as the Clinical Nurse Consultant in the Aboriginal community of Napranum. She participates in the local Nursing and Midwifery Consultative forum, the District Consultative forum as well as a state-wide forum focused on occupational violence, especially for rural and remote regions. 

Lucynda has provided evidence at the Senate Community Affairs Reference Committee into access to diagnostic imaging, highlighting experiences of rural and remote residents, and has pushed for enhancements to the incentive package for Rural and Isolated Nurses and Midwives (RANIP).;

Secretary: Sarah Beaman

Sarah is the Secretary of the QNMU. She has an extensive history as a Registered Nurse across the public, private and aged care sectors, as well as a long history of activism as a member. Her experience as a grassroots activist has given her a strong interest in nurturing local leadership and ensuring emerging leaders receive support, mentoring and training through their union. She also a keen advocate for safe workplaces and safe staffing.

Within her employment at the QNMU, Sarah has held the roles of Organiser, SEQ Public Sector Organising Team Leader, Professional Officer, Director of Organising and Professional Services and the Assistant Secretary of the QNMU. Sarah is also part of the Queensland Council of Union’s Executive.

Assistant Secretary: Grant Burton

Grant is the Assistant Secretary of the QNMU. He has been a QNMU member for more than 18 years, an Enrolled Nurse for nearly 20 and he has a strong belief in the power of local branches and grassroots activism.

Based in Rockhampton, Grant has a strong nursing and organising background having been an active delegate, QNMU Councillor, Organiser, Organising Regional Team Leader and Acting Director of Organising and Professional Services. 


QNMU Council

The QNMU Council is the governing body of the QNMU and is elected by members in accordance with QNMU rules. Council representatives are democratically elected by QNMU members. The focus of the Council is on whole of union strategic issues and it acts to make determinations that are in the best interests of all members. Workplace issues and individual representation matters should be dealt with in the usual manners via representatives at the Local Branch, via the Organiser, or by submitting a Request for Representation.

QNMU Council

Thank you to our current Council Members:

  • Julie Burgess
  • Madonna Cameron
  • Christine Cocks
  • Karen Cooke
  • Tammy Copley
  • Nikki Emblen
  • Michael Hall
  • Chris Johnson
  • Damien Lawson
  • David Lewis
  • Kelly Trudgen
  • Simon Mitchell
  • Fiona Monk
  • Emma Murphy
  • Sue Pitman
  • Cathy Rose
  • Ashleigh Sullivan
  • Michelle Sunderland
  • Janelle Taylor
  • Kym Volp
  • Samantha Woodhouse

Note: If a Councillor resigns their post, a casual vacancy may be called for and filled in accordance with the rules of the QNMU.