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Anxiety Disorders - Generalised Anxiety Disorder

Collectively, anxiety disorders are the second most common mental health condition affecting Australians following mood disorders.

This module provides an overview of generalised anxiety disorder (GAD), including its prevalence in Australia, common causes and risk factors, and the pathophysiology of the condition. It highlights identifiable symptoms, diagnostic criteria, and treatment options.

The purpose of this module is to assist nursing and midwifery practitioners in recognising GAD and improve confidence when offering patient support, and referral to a general physician or specialist services for diagnosis and treatment. For further learning on anxiety disorders, continue with the second module in this series “Anxiety Disorders: Phobias”.

2 CPD hours

Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autistic spectrum disorder (ASD or autism) is a lifelong developmental disorder that impairs social interaction and communication. It manifests in repetitive behaviours, narrow range of interests and difficulty with purposeful human and environmental interactions. The autistic spectrum is a broad term that encompasses a heterogenous group of disorders. Presentations are unique, at varying ages and developmental stages, and degrees of severity. ASD can have profound effects on individuals, families and loved ones.

This module discusses ASD, including causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. It explores some of the myths surrounding what is a complex and still poorly understood condition. It is suitable for all those working with people with ASD.

1.5 CPD hours

Speaking up and the role of nurses and midwives

What would you do if you were concerned someone at work was about to make an error, or was in the process of making one, that might adversely impact a patient? Or if you saw a colleague behaving inappropriately, in a way that put a person’s safety at risk? Would you say something, or would you remain silent? Nurses and midwives have a long history of speaking up when they see something going wrong or when they suspect a patient is at risk of harm. Having the ability to ‘speak up’ - and feeling safe to do so - is crucial to the provision of safe, quality and effective care.

This module discusses speaking up as part of daily practice. Whilst speaking up, open disclosure and whistle blowing share some elements, they are all different. This module is about saying something BEFORE something goes wrong.

1.5 CPD hours

Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson’s disease is a neurodegenerative disorder with debilitating motor and non-motor symptoms.

The prevalence of Parkinson's disease increases with age and with Australia being an ageing population, general/non-specialist nurses and other clinicians will increasingly be involved in the care of patients with Parkinson's disease.

This module is aimed at providing general nurses with working knowledge of the disease - particularly of the non-motor and motor symptoms and treatments, so that they can provide optimal care to patients when they present to their healthcare setting.

1 CPD hour

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