• You cannot be forced to work if you have COVID-19
    13 January 2022

    A new Direction allows for close contacts who are critically essential workers in a critical industry (such as health and emergency services) to return to work if they have no symptoms consistent with COVID-19 and are fully vaccinated. Read more

  • Open letter: Health workers are running on empty
    10 January 2022

    As we know, COVID-19 has thrown us yet another curve ball with the latest Omicron variant. Health workers are running on empty, experiencing physical and emotional exhaustion after almost two years of pandemic response. Read more

  • Managing health care workers exposed to or with COVID-19 (Queensland Health)
    07 January 2022

    Queensland Health (QH) has today released a document outlining the change in approach to managing health care workers who are either exposed to or have tested positive to COVID-19. Read more

  • COVID-19 care pathways
    24 December 2021

    Queensland Health’s COVID Care Pathways model announced today will see COVID-19 positive patients treated at home, dependent on their health conditions and symptoms. Read more