QNMU and ANMF Rules

Our Rules

The QNMU Rules set high standards for the functions and operations of the QNMU. The rules are designed to streamline union processes, improve efficiency and effectiveness and anticipate some of the issues our professions may confront in coming years.

ANMF Rules

The QNMU is a state-registered union and a branch of the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (ANMF), which has branches in each state and territory. This means the QNMU is also active in promoting the interests of nurses and midwives on a national and international level. QNMU members also have full membership of the ANMF.

QNMU Administrative Regulations

In addition to the QNMU Rules, the QNMU also has a number of Administrative Regulations to assist with the implementation of policy.
Please find some of the more frequently referenced Administrative Regulations below.

1. Standard Operating Procedures for Local Branches   
2. QNMU Policy Committee   
4. New Local Branches and Casual Vacancies   
5. Procedures for Electing Delegates and Alternate Delegates    
10. Notices of Motion - Annual Conference     
11. Workplace Representatives   

QNMU Member Code of Conduct

The QNMU Member Code of Conduct sets out the behaviours members might expect from one another to continue to advance the industrial and professional standing of our union. As a democratic union that works collectively with members to achieve the best outcomes for nurses and midwives, it’s important we undertake our vital work in the spirit of our shared nursing, midwifery and union values.