About Angela

Angela Manthey is a Registered Nurse at Brisbane’s Rockpool Residential Aged Care.

Angela Manthey 

In a dimly lit, serene room was John, who mentored me through life.  His eyes closed and breathing shallow, comfortable in a once tormented body.  
I whispered, “Would you like a scotch?”  
His eyes opened and he said, “Do you have chocolate?”
I replied, “Certainly do!”  
The scotch was one swallow, the chocolate a chaser to savour.  A beaming smile, sparkling eyes, a squeeze of my hand in gratitude and “thank you” - a heart wrenching moment.
I remember the wisdom, sadness, laughter, love, and family life I was fortunate to have. 
RIP Dad.
Reflecting as an Aged Care RN, I walk daily in the shoes of a professional and of someone who has lost loved ones. 
Many experiences in nursing have changed my life by empowering me to develop my endless potential, integrity, and passion as a voice for the elderly.
My practice is focused on sustaining excellence in care, empathising and comforting residents and their families, inclusive of grief and self-care.  
I am proud to advocate for, and privileged to engage in partnership with aged residents, whilst enhancing and celebrating their remarkable lives.



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