About Celia

Celia Volp is a Registered Nurse at Toowoomba Hospital working in the Nursing Support Unit. She is also currently an Organiser with the QNMU. She has been a nurse since 2009.

Celia Volp

Sun rays filtering through the car park as I head into my third 12-hour shift. Just another day, just another shift.  
Walking to handover, making eye contact with the RN, I knew in that moment it was not going to be good. 
Glancing into the room, the cloud of death overtook all my senses. Heart heavy, I saw the body in the bed was very, very small. A little girl. A tragic accident. 
Questions staggered me. How could this happen? How is this fair? How can I make her better? 
The family had made the courageous decision to donate life. My job, well, to keep the organs viable. 
This little girl affected me deeply. 
I stayed in that room the entire shift and then some, honouring my promise to the family, “She would not be alone”. 
Holding her delicate little hand, we waited. The retrieval team were on their way. 
It was my privilege to be there on that shift, at that time, holding that sweet hand. I read to her. I made space for grief and comfort for the shattered family left behind.  
You don’t realise the incredible power of kindness, caring and goodness, when a nurse shares their humanity with such vulnerable others.  
It is the essence of nursing. True privilege.  
Another day, another shift – the honour of keeping a promise. 



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