About Emma

Emma Murphy is a Registered Nurse working in Aged Care.  She has been a nurse since 2017.

Emma Murphy

In aged care you are so much more than a nurse. 
A confidant. A friend. A part of their family.
You are entrusted with the responsibility of nurturing every aspect of their lives. 
You are there as they reflect on their long life, you hear stories that long outweigh your short time in this world. 
These people have seen the indescribable highs and lows of life, they have achieved things you only could dream of and they are willing to share it all with you. 
At a young age, I have been honoured and humbled to comfort people in the most terrifying, tearful and treasured time of their life. 
I have been confronted with the pain, fear and beauty of life and death, daily. I have had the unique opportunity to hold someone’s hand as they take their last breath. To comfort their family, like they are my own. Because for weeks, months, and often years, you have built a rapport with that family. 
And this is what it means to me, to be a nurse in aged care.
A memory that will stay with me forever is one of a palliative resident. 
With his estranged family living interstate, his one request was that he did not die alone. 
So, one night he begged me to not leave his side, as he told me he knew his time had come to an end. 
With an outstretched hand, and a look of newfound comfort in his eyes, he smiled as I sat with him for hours after my shift had ended, until he took his last breath. The honour is indescribable. 



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