About Faye

Faye Tomlin is a Nurse Practitioner working in the Palliative Care Community Health department in Rockhampton. She has ben a nurse for more than 27 years.

Faye Tomlin

My 27-year journey in nursing has revealed much about the challenges of life and death. 
Nursing for me has always been about how the work is done and not what I do.
Over the years, I have followed my heart, cultivated my interests and remained hopeful that I could develop a compassionate wisdom towards others.  
Without a doubt, moving into community nursing over a decade ago was my best career decision.  
This leap of faith allowed me to be comfortable with my own vulnerability as a nurse and built resilience to the inevitable discomfort that often comes.  
Despite the adversity and suffering associated with many health care experiences, learning to listen has created valuable opportunities for me to develop empathy and true compassion.  
Once I recognised and accepted my innate potential to sit with the suffering of others, I was afforded the most wonderful gift.
Today, in my role as a Nurse Practitioner, I have a clear purpose and recognise the privilege of working autonomously and independently.  
For me, knowing myself and maintaining strong professional boundaries has been vital to the enjoyment of the journey and unlocking this potential.   
Above all, my greatest happiness as a nurse remains that I am thankful that I choose to nurse from the heart.  



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