About Jennifer

Jennifer Nichols teaches aged care nursing at TAFE. She started her nursing career in 1998 and worked as an Assistant-in-Nursing in aged care facilities.

Jennifer Nichols 

I have found aged care to be very rewarding, mentally and physically draining, and at times a very humorous job. 
You cannot work in this industry without a sense of humour. It gets you through the long, understaffed shifts, and helps build a real rapport with your residents. 
Where there is laughter there is life! Some of the best moments have been sharing a laugh and a joke with my residents. 
A few minutes of brightening someone’s day, a gentle touch of the hand, a shared story that brings a smile, the whole reason we go into aged care. 
I remember attending to a resident with my colleague. We were changing her continence pad and repositioning her during the night. We explained why we were disturbing her and chatted quietly with her about various things. 
She told us we were very kind and thoughtful to do this, how gentle we were and how much she appreciated us helping her. 
She then asked us if we had ever considered becoming nurses or carers because we were so compassionate. 
When we explained we already were, she seemed surprised that nurses would come to her home in the middle of the night and help her!
Aged care is definitely not for the individual. It is a shared experience and a team effort. It is a job I would recommend to anyone with a caring and compassionate heart. 
I now teach the Aged Care Nursing course at TAFE where it all started. Hopefully I am sending out well trained, compassionate and thoughtful carers into the world of aged care who will help be the face of change and create a respectful and dignified environment for our most vulnerable.



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