About Rachael

Rachael Johnson has been a nurse since 2009. She is currently a Registered Nurse at Queensland Children’s Hospital in neurosurgery.

Rachael Johnson

I have a rare form of dwarfism and was diagnosed with renal failure at a young age.  
I spent four years on dialysis before receiving a kidney transplant when I was seven years old. 
Because of this experience I knew I wanted to become a nurse and repay the people who had made such a difference to my life. 
However, things weren’t plain sailing. I was belittled by nursing facilitators and repeatedly told that a nursing course was not suitable for me and I should “go and find something you can do”. 
But my desire to become a nurse held strong. I worked tirelessly and qualified as a paediatric nurse in 2009.
Since then I have worked in several areas of paediatrics, both in the UK and in Australia where I now work at the Queensland Children’s Hospital. 
I may not be able to reach the top shelf in the store cupboard, but I can empathise fully with the patients in my care. 
I am living proof that you should never let anyone stop you from fulfilling your dreams. 
The parent of a child awaiting a renal transplant once told me, “You have given me so much hope.”
This acknowledgement reinforces my belief that nursing is definitely the career for me.



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