About Sharon

Sharon Taylor is an Assistant in Nursing, working at Opal Caloundra’s aged care facility.

Sharon Taylor

My grandmother was placed in respite aged care. 
The poor nurses were so rushed off their feet and my Nan wasn't getting the care I felt she deserved. 
I wanted to become an aged care nurse to try and give the care to people that I felt my Nan deserved.
Although it's tough, I know that I put 100% into the care I deliver. 
I can go home knowing I was there for someone who needed a hand held, or my shoulder to lean on, or just a warm hug. 
These might sound like small things, but they are often the everyday human things that get overlooked in the institutional way of aged care these days.
The most rewarding part for me is the smile I get from a resident who I know appreciates the small things I do for them. 
Just knowing that I have made a positive difference to at least one resident and made them feel loved and wanted is my reward. 
Honestly, carers don't do it to get rich. We do it because we truly believe in making a difference.



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