About Amanda

Amanda Mathiot is a Registered Nurse at Mareeba Community Health working in vision screening while also working as a student Midwife at Cairns Hospital.

Amanda Mathiot 

Seven years ago, I embarked on the journey of a lifetime. Changing me forever. 
My youngest of six children was starting school and being a stay-at-home mum, I was searching for more.
It was the words of my midwife who planted the seed when I was exploring options with her. 
“Why don’t you become a midwife?” 
I was stunned.
What an honour! I admired this woman so deeply and for her to see something similar in me, I felt blessed.  
That afternoon I took a leap of faith and applied to university to become a Registered Nurse, with the intention of becoming a Midwife soon after. 
During these years, my life has endured a lot of turmoil and heartache - the ending of my marriage and the death of my father – but I have soldiered on. 
I am now a Registered Nurse and I am studying this year to finish what I started… to become a Midwife.
Midwife means to be with woman. 
It was the belief of my midwife that encouraged me to believe in myself and become my truest self. 
Not only did she help me birth my children, she helped me birth my life possibilities. 

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