About Angela

Angela Fischer has been a nurse since 2008.  She is an Anaesthetic Nurse at Logan Hospital in the operating theatre.

Angela Fischer 

My mum worked as an Assistant-in-Nursing, and she loved working in aged care looking after the elderly. She loved talking to them and listening to their stories.
I remember having the privilege of doing work experience and working alongside my mum as she taught me how important it was to have fun at work and to treat the residents with respect as I was in their home. 
I enjoyed my time and have always loved helping and looking after people, but nursing was not what I wanted to do. 
I wanted to be a vet nurse and look after animals and I did this for a number of years before following in my mum’s footsteps. 
I will never forget the nurses who looked after my mum while she was in the palliative care ward.
I watched them for weeks as they looked after her and I even saw them cry after my mum passed away while they were washing her body. 
This shocked me, as for the last few weeks the nurses seemed so strong and just got on with their work.
To see them cry gave me comfort and at that point made me want to be a nurse.
I have been a Registered Nurse for 12 years and have witnessed life and death, and now understand why the nurses looking after my mum shed some tears after her passing. 
From cradle to grave, nurses witness the full spectrum of life. This is a beautiful and staggering gift, one that shouldn’t be taken for granted.

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