About Anthony

Anthony Clayton has been involved with nursing since 1994.  He is now a retired Enrolled Nurse who previously worked in Aged Care. 

Anthony Clayton


My mob is Bidjara from Charleville, Augathella. I grew up on Jagera nation in Ipswich and am currently accepted in Bundjalung nation in northern NSW.
I am a left leg below knee amputee. After suffering a work injury in 2018 and experiencing a difficult recovery, the specialist placed me in an ROM (range of movement) brace. Unfortunately wearing the brace for several weeks resulted in a stage 3 pressure injury to my leg and an infection. 
It was hard at first knowing that I was not going to be able to do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted to. Every day requires a plan – if I want to leave the house, I have to plan exactly what to do and how to get ready. 
I started in the union movement back in 1994 when I first started nursing in aged care. I recall the old school matron marching through the home every day to make sure the beds were made right. If not, she would strip the bed and watch as you made it again! 
Twenty-six years later and I am still in the union to this day. I’m also a member of the QNMU’s First Nations Reference Group. I love the monthly check ins with the group. The FNRG and union officials all supported me through tough times and it was great to know there is support. I cannot thank the union and the FNRG enough. 
Even though I have now retired from nursing due to ill health, I have decided to remain a union member and in the FNRG. Just because you are retired or not practising anymore doesn’t mean you can’t still be a part of things, so I encourage other First Nations nurses and midwives to get involved! 

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