About Genoveva

Genoveva Phillips has been a nurse since 1979.  She is a Registered Nurse working in mental health at the Community Care Unit in Coorparoo.

Genoveva Phillips

My story is of a young girl dreaming of wearing a white uniform with a white distinctive hat on her head.
When I was young, I always played the role of being the nurse. I remember wearing my eldest sister’s white dress and a white veil (my mother’s white veil for church) on my head.
I’d tell my sisters, “I will give you injection” as I used my father’s ball pen as a needle. 
I’d get a bowl of rice and a wooden spoon and feed them. 
I let my sisters lie down and I’d massage their legs with coconut oil and ask, “Is it still painful?” 
Then one would say, “I have a headache.” Then I’d get leaves from my mother’s garden, wet them with water and put the wet leaves on their forehead.
That role-playing then became reality. 
And that’s who I am now: a fully-fledged nurse.

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