About Helen 

Helen Rugg is an Enrolled Nurse at Gold Coast Private Hospital in the Oncology department.

Helen Rugg

I used to be a very average mid-forties, working woman. 
I had a good job in South Africa I enjoyed, I had a sexy 10-year younger man who I loved and I was happy. Then in the space of three months at the end of 2011 my life changed forever.
I was pregnant. At 43 it wasn’t something I expected but it was something I wanted more than anything. Apparently, that wasn’t enough drama so my sexy man asked me to marry him. 
We married on the 12th of November 2011, and on the 10th of December 2011 I became a widow after my new husband failed to recover from a very unexpected heart attack and bypass.  A month later I gave birth to the most amazing little girl.  By the end of the year I was exhausted and still dead inside. 
My sister recommended I relocate to Australia and with no plan in mind I sold everything I owned and moved across the world. 
Once in Australia I could breathe again. I had no memories holding me back, but I had no purpose. 
I signed up to do a course in nursing, thinking I would learn why my husband had died and maybe I would enjoy it.
Well I loved it!
I became an Endorsed Enrolled Nurse and was eventually offered a position in an oncology ward. 
It’s here my life changed forever again. I’m no longer the sad widow, I’m part of a fantastic group of nurses who help people through their worst days of their lives. 
We see death regularly, we see pain daily, we help grieving families and we love. 
It’s an honour and a privilege to work in oncology and I feel blessed on a daily basis. 
I have learned a vast array of new skills and continue to learn daily. 
I believe that without nursing in my life I would not be the person I am today and my child would not have the mother she has today. 
I’m now a fifty something single mum living her best life, doing something I love. 
Nursing saved me and I’m forever grateful.

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