About Megan

Megan Sara is a Registered Nurse at Logan Hospital’s operating theatre.

Megan Sara

I decided to start nursing after a very traumatic birth experience where both myself and my son almost died during labour. 
To top it off, my partner decided not to show up to the hospital as he decided he no longer wanted any more children. 
That near-death experience was my moment when I decided I wanted to become a nurse. 
I struggled as I walked around the ward seeing all the proud fathers pushing their new pride and joys around - it was heartbreaking. 
But this was when I realised I could be there for other single mothers. 
To this day my son struggles to survive because of the injuries he received during birth. 
So I also owe this to him.
I joined the union and I’m now a Delegate for my branch.
Being involved in the union has allowed me to not only help my patients but also my colleagues. 
I have had so much support to help fulfil my dreams of not only becoming a nurse, but to also have a voice for my workmates to help make our workplaces safe. 
Six years ago I would never have believed I could be a successful single mother with a nursing degree, standing up with a voice. But here I am.

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