About Michelle

Michelle Garner is the Executive Director of Nursing and Midwifery and Clinical Services for Queensland Health and an Endorsed Nurse Practitioner. She has been nursing for over 25 years.

Michelle Garner 

Why did I become a nurse? Goodness, it was really because a friend of mine thought she would become a nurse so I just followed suit.  
Who knew it would be the ride of my life!  
It was the best decision ever, and you know, it only gets better.
Everyday, not only do I get to influence the provision of health at a system and strategic level, but at the same time I get to look after patients in the cardiac clinic and make a difference to their lives as an Endorsed Nurse Practitioner.  
Even better, I get to do it in the remotest parts of Australia and sometimes for the most disadvantaged.   
I believe I have one of the nicest jobs going.

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