Workplace Grief and Loss Workshop

Workplace Grief and Loss Workshop

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Workplace Grief and Loss Workshop
Training Objectives: 
To prepare participants for death, grief, and loss in the workplace.
To support the development of resilience in the workplace.
To respond effectively and compassionately to grief and loss.
To provide strategies for moving forward after a grief and loss experience.               

Topics to be covered: 
1. Grief and loss response presents in many forms: recognizing grief and loss is not just about death. 
2. The importance of self-preparing for the inevitability of death, loss, and grief.  Exploring how we place meaning through our own experiences whether direct or indirect.  What influences our perception of death, loss and grief and its impacts whether professionally or personally. 
3. Being open to the experience of death, loss, and grief: How to recognize and comfortably be with our grief and loss and that of others. 
4. The importance of resilience in grief and loss:  Eliminating its obstacles and developing what enhances resilience. 
5. Grief: when the professional becomes personal. Managing and working with the expectations of ourselves, our colleagues, and our patients in the workplace. How to respond effectively and compassionately. 
6. Normalizing grief: including strategies to help with moving forward. 

Participants will be given a resource list of articles, websites, and books to further their knowledge and insight of grief and loss.

This training course is hosted in partnership with Karuna Hospice Service 
The presenters for this training are, Elan Zavelsky and Venerable Tsultrim – Grief and Bereavement Counsellors from Karuna Hospice Service

Prior registration is compulsory to attend.
Morning tea and lunch will be provided at the course, so please ensure you fill out the dietary requirements/allergies panel to inform us of any food allergies. 

For more information or enquiries please contact the QNMU Events Team on [email protected] 

Tuesday, 6 December 2022

9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

QNMU Brisbane Office
106 Victoria Street
Brisbane QLD 4101