Dr Haunnah Rheault - The Prince Charles Hospital

FINALIST - Positive Practice Environment Champion Award, proudly supported by QNMU Law

Haunnah is Nurse Practitioner at The Prince Charles Hospital who has devoted her nursing career to care for individuals living with heart disease and heart failure. 
After qualifying as a Nurse Practitioner (NP) and moving to Mt Isa, she discovered a passion in health literacy for First Nations people and embarked on a PhD, completing her doctorate this year.  Haunnah embeds research into clinical practice, and was the first NP to be a principal investigator at TPCH.  
She has been instrumental in creating an environment where nurses can work to their full scope. This was demonstrated in 2018 when Haunnah shifted her NP role to a collaborative yet autonomous clinic, increasing occasions of service from approximately 100 per year to 850 per year. Haunnah works closely with the pharmacy department and created the NP Pharmacy Interdisciplinary Clinic. This collaborative clinic has resulted in improved clinical outcomes and increased consumer satisfaction, results of which have been published. 
Haunnah is a mentor to many NP students and supports undergraduates and Registered Nurses seeking professional development opportunities and helping them achieve their aspirations.


"Hearing one of my patients talk about his experience with racism really changed my career. Absolutely changed my career for the better because it’s the cultural of power and racism is alive, unfortunately, and it is alive in healthcare and we have to call it out, we have to name it and I’m not shy about doing that." 

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