Check out our exciting program for the 2022 QNMU Conference below, and find out more about our dynamic guest speakers.

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Wednesday 27 July

9.00am Opening and welcome
QNMU President Sally-Anne Jones opens conference
Welcome to country by Dr Robert Anderson (Uncle Bob)

Secretary's Report - Reflection of the last 40 years
QNMU Secretary Beth Mohle

10.10am Conference Partners' Announcements 
  • QSuper part of Australian Retirement Trust
  • Union Health
  • Great Southern Bank

Morning tea

  • Nominations Open for QNMU Policy Committee (QPC)

Introduction of Councillors

11.05am QNMU Policy Committee Report
Presented by QNMU Policy Committee Chair Juanita (Jo) Konings
11.35am Branch Motions for Debate


  • Breakout Room P2: Aged Care Update

    An update on the current situation in aged care and the aged care campaign

  • Breakout Room P3: Rural and Remote Nurses and Midwives

    A discussion with members to advise on recent industrial and professional changes affecting the Rural and Remote workforce in Queensland

  • Plaza Terrace - Main Room: Australian Retirement Trust: Update and Q&A session
    Our conference partner QSuper is now a part of Australian Retirement Trust
    Please join us to hear from Don Luke, Chair of Australia Retirement Trust, who will provide an update following the merger of QSuper and Sunsuper on 28 February 2022, and discuss the expected benefits of the merger and the Fund’s commitment to members for the future.
1.30pm Branch Motions for Debate

Afternoon tea

  • Breakout Room P2: Private Hospital Update
    QNMU members working in the Private Hospital sector are invited to hear from QNMU officials about work being undertaken to advance the interests of our members working in this sector. We will talk through Enterprise Agreement Bargaining across the sector and the QNMU strategy for ratios in the private hospital sector. 
  • Breakout Room P3: Let’s make your workloads safer
    QNMU Education session - Workloads remain the number one issue for QNMU members – without a safe workload, nurses and midwives and quality of care suffers. Come along to this session to hear what actions and strategies you can take to escalate and address unsafe workloads.

Facilitated by QNMU Educator, Chris Doyle

3.30pm Mindfulness and Meditation session
QNMU Wellbeing Officers
3.35pm  Branch Motions for Debate 
5.00pm Nominations close for QNMU Policy Committee

Thursday 28 July

9.00am  Opening of Session
9.10am Assistant Secretary’s Report
Announcement of Nursing & Midwifery Excellence Award finalists
QNMU Assistant Secretary Kate Veach 
10.00am Branch Motions for Debate

Morning tea

  • Breakout Room P2: Maternal Child Health Nurses and Midwives group 
    Discussion about all things Maternal Child health related and the reference group.
  • Breakout Room P3: Mental Health Nurses
    During this session we will discuss, Secure Ward Allowance and Ratios
  • Breakout Room P4: New QNMU Website - feedback session
    The QNMU is updating our website and would love your feedback! Join us for a quick walk-through of what we’ve got planned for our new website and let us know what you’d like to see.
11.00am Branch Motions for Debate

It's time to Count the Babies! 
Update on the Count the Babies Campaign, audit findings and ongoing planning.



  • Breakout Room P2: Early Career nurses and midwives
    A discussion on recent professional and industrial changes affecting early career nurses and midwives
  • Breakout Room P3: Prison Health Nurses
    To discuss ratios trials, funding and staff shortages. 
  • Plaza Terrace - Main Room: HESTA: Investment Excellence with Impact
    This session covers how HESTA are investing, advocating and innovating for our members to face their financial future with confidence. How important strong long term investment returns are to achieving a better outcomes for your future retirement.

ANMF Federal Office Report
Federal Secretary Annie Butler and Federal Vice President Lori-Anne Sharp

2.00pm Branch Motions for Debate

Afternoon Tea

  • Breakout Room P2: QNMU Youth Engagement Session
    Unions need young people - and young people need their unions. Union engagement and activism is decreasing, and the future of unionism lies with young nurses and midwives. Find out what is being planned and offer your thoughts and suggestions to increase and support our younger members
  • Breakout Room P3: Palliative Care Reference Group
    For members working in, or with an interest in, palliative care. Discussion and update on the current situation and future. 
3.30pm Mindfulness and Meditation session by QNMU Wellbeing Officers
3.35pm Branch Motions for Debate
4.30pm Day Two concludes
6.30pm Annual Conference Dinner - The Greek Club

Friday 29 July

9.00am Opening of Session by QNMU Secretary

INNOVATE - Reimagining Health Care Panel discussion
Facilitated by Sally-Anne Jones

  • Mary Chiarella – How nurses and midwives continue to lead the way in progressive health care
  • Melissa Fox – Consumer perspective 
  • Stephen Duckett – The Health reform and policy direction 
  • Adrian Carson – The development of initiatives to better serve the First Nations community. 
10.15am Group Photo

Morning tea

  • Breakout Room P2: Midwifery Reference Group Opportunity to discuss all things midwifery
  • Breakout Room P3: LGBTQ+ Worker Forum Link in with the QNMU LGBTQ+ QCU Committee representatives to hear about:
    • what is happening to develop policies and strategies to advance the working rights and conditions of LGBTQ+ working people.
    • identify, share and promote existing industrial resources (such as EBA Clauses) within the employer groups when undertaking EBA negotiations
  • Breakout Room P4: Medicinal Cannabis Information session Medicinal Cannabis is emerging as a potential therapeutic treatment for patients across various clinical areas. But how does medicinal cannabis work, and what do nurses and midwives need to know about it for their professional practice? QNMU Activist Deb Ranson will talk about her experience as a Medicinal Cannabis Nurse and share information about nurses and midwives administering prescribed cannabis in the hospital setting and community
11.00am INVEST in Diversity, Gender, Equality and Health Equity Panel discussion
Facilitated by Sally Anne-Jones
  • Dr Linda Colley - The importance of gender and pay equity in health care 
  • Bianca Hartge-Hazelman – Data insights from the Financy Women’s Index


  • Breakout Room P2: Voluntary Assisted Dying in Queensland - What do members need to know before 1 Jan 2023? 
    Join QNMU Professional Officers and Queensland Health officials to hear where the implementation taskforce is up to in its consultation and development of those complex administrative and clinical requirements, and how you can be involved in informing the implementation in readiness for Jan 1, 2023.
  • Breakout Room P3: Nurse Practitioner Pathway Information Session
    An information and Q&A session about the Nurse Practitioner and Advance Practice Nurses career pathway.
  • Breakout Room P4: Claiming what you’re owed
    QNMU Education session - Learn about some practical strategies and tools you can use at work to claim what you’re owed.
1.10pm Declaring QNMU Policy Committee
1.20pm  Time for a laugh 
Janty Blair
1.45pm INSPIRE - Branch Development Segment
Facilitated by Kate Veach
Joint Q & A with Regis Whitfield Branch, First Nations Branch and Greenslopes Branch
3.00pm Closing remarks
QNMU President Sally-Anne Jones
3.30pm QNMU Annual Conference concludes