Statement of support for NSW Nurses and Midwives' Association (NSWNMA) members

Dear NSW Nurses and Midwives' Association members,

As you hold your fourth significant industrial action to secure safer workloads, and fair pay and conditions in the public sector, know that you have the support and solidarity of your colleagues in Queensland.

Nurses and midwives never take industrial action lightly. The safety of both the people you care for, and your colleagues, must be a priority.

Safe staffing through #ratios is what you are seeking, and your Queensland nursing and midwifery colleagues stand with you.

An independent evaluation of nurse-to-patient ratios in Queensland found that ratios save lives and result in significant savings through decreased adverse events and length of stay.

The courageous action you have already taken, and continue to take, is acknowledged and admired.

Your wages and conditions must recognise your contribution to the community and meet the increasing cost of living.

We know frontline staff are exhausted. Yet they continue to show up to keep their patients, residents and the community safe.

Nurses, midwives and aged care staff are determined and passionately committed to what we do. You deserve a fair wage that pays the bills.

In solidarity,

Beth Mohle

QNMU Secretary