EB11 - Qld Health delays in new allowances payments, backpay still to apply

Published: 22 February 2023

Thanks to QNMU members working together, we won for all Queensland Health (QH) nurses and midwives the most significant wage increase from any public sector employer in the country.  

Despite this terrific outcome, there have been delays in QH implementing a number of the new entitlements we negotiated, even though backpay of these entitlements applies from the date the agreement was certified (7 December 2022). 

Recently, the QNMU formally wrote to the DG of QH expressing concern about the proposed delay for full implementation of the agreement to May 2023 and seeking immediate action.   

Following our contact, QH has agreed to bring forward the Nurse Practitioner allowance to 29 March (originally set for May implementation). Unfortunately, QH did not agree to bring forward any further entitlements.  

Employers are only compelled to implement changes to enterprise agreements within a ‘reasonable timeframe’. Be assured though that all new entitlements must be backpaid to the date the agreement was certified (7 December 2022).  

Please also note that the increase to Sunday penalty rates will be paid from 1 March 2023. Back pay to 7 December will also be paid on this date. 
If you are unhappy with these delays, there are actions you can take: 

  • Direct your complaint to QH’s HR department and explain how these delays are negatively affecting you. 
  • Get active in your QNMU Local Branch – remember, QNMU members are the union, and having a strong and active branch is the best way you can exercise your voice to effect change locally and increase your power in the workplace. Contact your QNMU Organiser or Member Connect on 1800 177 273 to find out how.

Remember to keep checking www.qnmu.org.au/EB11 for all the latest news and updates.