Sunday penalty rates - proposed implementation date and back pay

Published: 12 January 2023

Public sector members should have received an email from Queensland Health to confirm that the increase to Sunday penalty rates is expected to apply from the 1 March 2023 pay run. This is due to a delay in payroll updating the system to reflect the new double time Sunday penalty rate as provided under EB11. 

Please rest assured that this increased entitlement will be back paid to the date your EB11 agreement was certified, which was 7 December 2022.  

Other new entitlements, such as the Nurse Practitioner allowance, will be implemented but from a later date once Queensland Health is able to update their systems. However, all new entitlements will still be back paid to 7 December 2022, but there may be different implementation dates for various entitlements. 

Below is a Queensland Health table sent to employees, which outlines the proposed implementation timeline for various entitlements:

Click here to read more information that was sent to QNMU members on 21 December regarding EB11 entitlements and back pay. 

Note: For those nurses in multidisciplinary teams who are receiving a HP (higher) rate of pay, backpay is subject to the outcome of the HP negotiations. However, all other EB11 conditions apply.