Annual leave exclusive of public holidays - know your EB11 agreement

Published: 22 February 2023

Through EB11 negotiations, the QNMU and QH reached an agreement on various work arrangements for public holidays – many of which had been issues for QNMU members for many years. Now, under EB11:

  • Annual leave is exclusive of all public holidays – ie: you can now never have annual leave deducted on a public holiday.
  • Employees will have the ability to opt out of the additional week of annual leave and working on public holidays if they work in a unit that closes on public holidays. This is a new provision in EB11 and will be rolled out by June 2023.
  • The requirement to give a minimum of 24 hours’ notice for stand down on a public holiday has been written into EB11 (it was previously only contained in the guide). This makes it more enforceable.

Click here to view the updated guide to work arrangements on public holidays.