QNMU submission to Health and Environment Committee

Published: 21 January 2022
The QNMU supports this inquiry into the provision of primary and allied health care, aged and NDIS care and private health and its impact on the public health system.

Taking a broad view, Queensland’s health care system sits within Australia’s health system which is complex and disjointed - federal and state governments and private sector providers including primary health and aged and disability care providers all play different roles. Responsibility for health service planning and delivery is divided and collaboration is not incentivized. As a result, care is fragmented and costs are shifted, contributing further to system dysfunctionality. In addition to this fragmentation is the added complexity on how to navigate care, particularly for those with complex health care needs. We believe there is a need for a greater focus on joint planning and funding between the state and federal governments to meet the population’s health care needs and to deliver safe and quality health care for all.

The QNMU is calling on both the federal and state governments to address the health care system to meet the needs of Queenslanders in the short, medium and long-term.

Download the QNMU's submission to the Health and Environment Committee