Samantha Brady, Carinity Home Care

FINALIST - Early Career Award, proudly supported by Remserv

Samantha is a Community Home Care Registered Nurse and Assistant Coordinator at Carinity Home Care. 

Samantha previously worked as an Assistant in Nursing in a hospital, where she witnessed many elderly patients struggle with walking and having falls that could have been prevented. This was when she realised and developed her passion for community care nursing. 

She began as a Personal Carer with Carinity, then moved onto customer support before becoming a Registered Nurse and Assistant Coordinator. Through experiencing a wide range of roles and in interacting with clients, Samantha began to take notice of the areas that required additional focus and learned how to promote better care to enable elderly and vulnerable clients to stay at home.
Samantha believes that in addition to having safe staffing levels, all staff need to feel safe, happy and content in the workplace in order to provide high quality care to their clients. She and her coordinator have regular team meetings and discussions with carers so if issues arise, strategies and solutions are discussed and put in place. 

Samantha always goes above and beyond to provide the care needed for every single client. She is continuously learning and educating herself on strategies so she can keep providing better care and support for clients and enable them to be independent and continue to stay in the comfort of their own home.

"Every day is a privilege, it’s not a job to me... My aim is to make a difference, support my clients and help them feel comfortable and happy and get the help that they need."


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