QNMU leadership team and council

The ANMF QNMU branch leadership team and council is elected by the union's general membership. These positions also fill the corresponding office in the QNMU.
The Australian Electoral Commission formally declared the 2021 ANMF QNMU branch election result. A copy of the AEC report is available from the QNMU or the AEC on request.
Note: If a Councillor resigns his or her post, casual vacancies will be called for and filled. 

QNMU leadership team

President: Sally-Anne Jones

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Vice-President: Lucynda Maskell

Lucynda has been QNMU Vice President for the last four years and is a strong voice for rural and remote Queensland members. 
She is a passionate nurse and midwife advocate and activist, working alongside QNMU Secretary Beth Mohle to deliver significant advancements for members, such as ratios. 
She first became an active union member in the 1990s while working at the Princess Alexandra Hospital. Participating in Enterprise Bargaining for fair workloads and wages was what initially ignited her passion for activism, and she remains committed to achieving this for all members.
Lucynda previously worked as a Brisbane-based QNMU Organiser for several years. During that time, she provided support and assistance for members from Bundaberg to Brisbane, including on branch development and individual issues.  
Lucynda currently works as the Clinical Nurse Consultant in the Aboriginal community of Napranum, where she has worked for over 15 years. She participates in the local Nursing and Midwifery Consultative forum, the District Consultative forum as well as a state-wide forum focused on occupational violence, especially for rural and remote regions. 
She has provided evidence at the Senate Community Affairs Reference Committee into access to diagnostic imaging, highlighting experiences of rural and remote residents and has pushed for enhancements to the incentive package for Rural and Isolated Nurses and Midwives (RANIP) via a committee reporting to NaMIG.
Lucynda continues to contribute to nursing and midwifery with a strong plan to deliver safe staffing ratios across all sectors of health care, through the QNMU’s Ratios Save Lives campaign. 

Secretary: Beth Mohle, AM

Beth commenced her career in nursing in 1983. She worked as a registered nurse at the Royal Brisbane Hospital. 
Beth joined the QNMU as an Organiser in 1991 and held project and research positions before being elected Assistant Secretary in January 2007 and Secretary in April 2011.
Beth has worked hard to advance the industrial and professional interests and values of nurses and midwives working in all sectors across Queensland.
As QNMU Secretary, her focus remains firmly on members and using numerous avenues to address the challenges they confront in their daily working lives.
This has included:

  • Developing strategies to address nursing workforce shortages and the impact these have on workloads, skill mix and quality of care in all sectors, including the Nurses.For.You.For.Life campaign
  • Focusing on improving wages and working conditions, especially in low wage areas such as aged care
  • Increasing professional and legal services and resources for members
  • Addressing safety and security concerns (such as her direct involvement in the Outer Torres Strait Island dispute in 2008)
  • Developing a plan to achieve safe, high quality health services through the QNMU's Ratios Save Lives Campaign
  • Representing the superannuation interests of members in unprecedented economic times as a board member of QSuper. 

In 2020, Beth was presented with an Order of Australia Medal for her significant service to the nursing profession, industrial relations, and the superannuation sector. Beth said she accepted the award on behalf of all nurses, midwives, the union movement and all those in the community sector who are focused on advancing the common good.

Beth is currently a board member of QSuper, is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees (AIST) and was named AISTs Trustee of the Year in 2008. She was previously a board member and Chair of HESTA and holds a number of superannuation related qualifications and a Graduate Certificate in Health Economics. As Senior Vice President of the Queensland Council of Unions (QCU), Beth actively contributes to strategy development for the broader union movement. She is also an active founding member of the Queensland Community Alliance.

Assistant Secretary: Kate Veach

Kate is a Registered Nurse and has been a QNMU member for 27 years. In 2021, she was elected to the position of QNMU Assistant Secretary. Prior to this, Kate was the QNMU Director of Organising and Professional Services.
Kate is passionate about growing the power, confidence and capacity of QNMU members to improve the industrial and professional interests and wellbeing of nurses and midwives. 

Over the past decade, Kate has led and participated in several statewide initiatives to advance the nursing and midwifery professions in areas such as workload management (e.g. BPF and ratios), practice innovation (e.g. Nurse Navigators and Models of Care) and governance (e.g. Generic Level Statements and Organisational Frameworks). Currently, she is focused on advocating for the implementation of the QNMU’s Positive Practice Environment Standards in all services where nurses and midwives are employed. 

Kate has worked in public, private and commercial healthcare environments in clinical management and administrative roles. Kate has held a Nursing Director position in Sub and Post-Acute Service within West Moreton Hospital and Health Service and an Assistant Director of Nursing position in the Office of the Chief Nursing and Midwifery Office (OCNMO). She is also an International Council of Nurses (ICN) Global Nursing Leadership Institute Scholar.

As an Executive Member of the Queensland Council of Unions, Kate fights tirelessly for the rights of members across all sectors, believing passionately that well-supported nurses and midwives are central to healthier communities. 
She particularly enjoys working with frontline nurses and midwives to develop, implement and evaluate resource management practices, processes and tools to improve the delivery of safe, high quality nursing and midwifery.  


QNMU Council 

QNMU Council is responsible for the overall management of our Union's affairs, and oversees the implementation of Annual Conference decisions. The QNMU's Annual Conference (usually held in July each year) is the primary policy-making body of the QNMU. It gives members, through their Branches, the authority to debate the union’s direction and policies and ultimately formulate the policy which governs our Union.
The QNMU Council also works to achieve the objectives of the Union’s Strategic Plan. The strategic plan, which is revised every three years, outlines the principles and direction that guides our organisation.
QNMU Council consists of 24 nurses and midwives who are elected honorary officials, as well as the Secretary and the Assistant Secretary of the Union.
The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation Council QNMU Branch is the federal counterpart to the QNMU Council, and meetings occur at the same time as those of the QNMU Council. There is also an eight member QNMU Executive made up of members from the Council as well as the Secretary and Assistant Secretary. The Secretary and Assistant Secretary are the only full-time officials of Council. They, and all other members of council, and are elected by a ballot of all members every four years. 

The entire Council meets at least six times a year, while the union Executive meets between Council meetings.

Click here to read our information sheet on the role of QNMU Council.

QNMU Council

  • Julie Burgess
  • Madonna Cameron
  • Christine Cocks
  • Karen Cooke
  • Tammy Copley
  • Nikki Emblen
  • Michael Hall
  • Sharyn Hopkins
  • Chris Johnson
  • Damien Lawson
  • David Lewis
  • Simon Mitchell
  • Fiona Monk
  • Emma Murphy
  • Deb O’Brien
  • Sue Pitman
  • Cathy Rose
  • Ashleigh Sullivan
  • Michelle Sunderland
  • Janelle Taylor
  • Kym Volp
  • Samantha Woodhouse
  • .