Union structure and democracy

The Queensland Nurses and Midwives’ Union is a democratic organisation where members are actively encouraged to be involved in Union activities.

The Union’s structure is designed specifically to provide opportunities for members to be involved and to directly participate in determining the policies, activities and direction of the Union.

This in turn ensures that the QNMU:

  • maintains a working structure which is truly democratic and participative
  • has a structure which recognises, respects and responds to the needs and interests of all sections of the membership
  • is appropriately informed about the needs and interests of all sections of the membership
  • is competent to initiate reforms and improvements to wages and working conditions throughout the health and aged care industries
  • is equipped to influence the development of progressive policies and attitudes regarding all aspects of nursing and midwifery practice and the professional development of nurses and midwives and nursing and midwifery
  • is able to quickly and effectively respond when the rights of individual members are challenged
  • is well placed to accurately represent the needs, concerns and interests of nurses and midwives in both public and private sectors when seeking to influence a range of organisations, including:
  • Industrial Commissions
  • local, state and federal governments and government departments
  • opposition parties
  • union peak councils
  • educational authorities
  • institutions etc

The Union’s structure is determined by the rules of the QNMU. These rules determine who has what rights, powers and responsibilities within the organisation.

Click here to read the QNMU’s rules.

Nurse and midwife members are at every level of our organisation

The following graph of the union’s structure shows how every member can actively participate in the union’s decision-making and policy development.