BREAKING: A world-first evaluation of the effects of ratios is in. Since July 2016... 


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About our campaign

Queensland is only one of four jurisdictions in the world to have minimum nurse-to-patient ratios.
We campaigned hard and provided the evidence, and on 12 May 2016, the Palaszczuk government enshrined minimum ratios in law for 27 prescribed Queensland Health acute facilities.
Now, a world-first evaluation of the effects of ratios reveals ratios has saved lives and money.
But for every private hospital and aged care facility in Queensland, there are no laws limiting the number of patients allocated to a single nurse or midwife.
This means we have a situation where nurses in some aged care facilities are caring for up to 200 residents. And in private hospitals, nurses and midwives are having to skip their meal breaks because they are so understaffed.
No matter where you’re being cared for, we believe everyone deserves quality care.

Now, it's time for ratios all over Queensland. 


A timeline of our campaign so far 


Ratios for aged care – make them law now!

The QNMU is also part of a national campaign to introduce legislated ratios in Australia’s aged care facilities. We’ve had some success in Queensland, with the state government committing to introduce legislated ratios in Queensland’s public aged care facilities, and numerous federal MPs pledging their support to our campaign.

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Latest updates 

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