Thanks to the QNMU, legislated minimum nurse-to-patient ratios were implemented in July 2016 in Queensland Health prescribed facilities. Since then, there have been:


But mandated ratios don’t exist in areas like maternity, emergency departments, private hospitals and private aged care facilities.
No matter where you live, every patient and resident in Queensland deserves safe, high quality nursing and midwifery care.
That’s why we need minimum nurse/midwife-to-patient ratios everywhere – to ensure there are enough nurses, midwives and carers to provide the care all Queenslanders deserve.

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Nurses and midwives are up for the challenge

We've officially launched the next phase of our Ratios Save Lives and Money campaign - Strengthening and Expanding the Care Guarantee.

Our key asks include:
  • Further refine and expand legislated minimum ratios in the public sector
  • Further improve application and compliance with the Business Planning Framework (BPF) in the public sector 
  • Mandate minimum ratios in the private and private aged care sector
  • Refine and expand legislated public reporting of safety and quality performance to include indicators specific to nursing and midwifery in public, private and aged care sectors, and
  • Mandate minimum positive practice environment standards in public, private and aged care sectors.

Positive Practice Environment Standards for Nursing and Midwifery 

We know current legislated ratios in Queensland Health facilities have worked best in areas where a positive practice environment exists.
As part of the next phase of the QNMU’s Ratios Save Lives and Money campaign, nurses and midwives are seeking to mandate minimum positive practice environment standards across all nursing and midwifery services.

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Latest updates

  • Statement of support for NSW Nurses and Midwives' Association members
    Published: 23 November 2022

    Statement of support for NSW Nurses and Midwives' Association
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  • QNMU calls on private health insurers to support minimum ratios
    Published: 21 April 2022

    Through enterprise bargaining, the QNMU has tried for many years to negotiate minimum nurse-to-patient ratios in private hospitals. Unfortunately, private hospitals insist on incorrectly viewing ratios as a short-term cost burden.
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  • World-first ratios research published in medical journal The Lancet on IND
    Published: 12 May 2021

    The incredibly successful findings of the Queensland ratios’ rollout will today be published in international medical journal The Lancet. International researchers said the findings should inform health policy in the United States and elsewhere.
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  • Ratios findings published in the BMJ
    Published: 02 October 2020

    International research highlighting the significant benefits of Queensland’s nurse-to-patient ratios legislation has been published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ).
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  • Qlders get good news for Xmas - New laws save 145 lives
    Published: 11 December 2019

    A new study has revealed Queensland’s world-leading public hospital laws have saved 145 lives and up to 81 million taxpayer dollars.
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