Which branch do I join?

Nurses and midwives working in both Queensland and another state are sometimes uncertain which nursing union branch they should be a member of.  The QNMU is a state branch of the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (ANMF) along with every other state in Australia.

Some simple tips for nurses and midwives:

  • A nurse or midwfe working either side of a state border should take out full-time membership within the state where they are employed for the majority of the time (primary state).
  • The ANMF Branch where the nurse or midwife has primary membership should forward a copy of the membership to the other state (secondary state) with a request to be recognised and provided with service as required.

Members should note:

  • Voting rights are retained in the primary state only
  • Industrial or professional services or advice provided by the secondary state would be done in consultation with the primary state or branch where relevant.
  • Should any extraordinary costs occur (e.g. legal expenses), these would be shared between the relevant branches or as otherwise arranged between them.
  • Members requiring assistance should, in the first instance, contact the ANMF branch in the State or Territory where the issue or problem arises.

ANMF state branches

Queensland: Queensland Nurses and Midwives' Union

NSW: NSW Nurses' and Midwives Association


Victoria: ANMF Victoria

Tasmania: ANMF Tasmania

South Australia: ANMF South Australia

Northern Territory: ANMF Northern Territory

Western Australia: ANMF Western Australia

Click here to view the ANMF policy on working cross border or interstate.