QNMU Member Code of Conduct

QNMU members know from experience that collective action is critical to achieve the best outcomes for nurses and midwives and our communities.

QNMU members acknowledge we are part of something bigger than ourselves.

QNMU membership brings enormous opportunities to be part of a powerful, unified collective to improve the lives of nurses, midwives and our communities. 

This is balanced with each member’s individual obligation to safeguard the integrity of our union.

As we undertake the work of our union, we do so in the spirit of our shared nursing, midwifery and union values (see over page) and trust that we are not alone in our commitment to them.

Our union must therefore reflect these shared values and operate in a manner that is transparent and accountable to other members. 

The branch structure of our union embodies our commitment to democracy, which we insist be supported by robust governance structures that ensure all people who interact with the union – including union officers, staff and members – conduct themselves in a manner consistent with our shared commitments and values. 

All QNMU members must:

  • uphold the rules of the QNMU and advance the democratically agreed union objectives. 
  • conduct themselves in a way that reflects and supports the values of the QNMU, including professionalism, integrity, honesty and respect for others.
  • conduct themselves in a manner that enhances, and does not diminish or undermine, the reputation and standing of the QNMU and the union’s work to advance members’ collective interests.
  • promote the inclusion of other members when conducting QNMU activities and respect the rights, opinions and dignity of all.
  • conduct themselves in a way that demonstrates equality and does not cause harm to others or discriminate.
  • not give the impression they are publicly representing the views of the QNMU when making public comments about any personal views, unless delegated by the QNMU to do so. 
  • maintain confidentiality of any information disclosed under a condition of confidence.
  • ensure that any information provided to the QNMU is accurate.
  • value the QNMU’s resources and use them wisely.
  • use any position or office of the QNMU (e.g. workplace representative, local branch member or officer) for the benefit of the QNMU, and not for personal gain.

The Member Code of Conduct should be upheld at all times, including at meetings, events, functions and online.

Why was the Code of Conduct developed?

QNMU is the collective power and strength of its members. Members are the QNMU.

Our shared success and power is derived from members who act in accordance with our shared values. This success is diminished by members who do not.

This document sets out the behaviours QNMU members might expect from one another to continue to advance the industrial and professional standing of our union.


What are the consequences for breaching the Code of Conduct?

The potential consequences of member misconduct are outlined in the rules of the QNMU. Such action may result in charges being laid in accordance with the rules and action being taken, which could result in suspension or expulsion from the QNMU.


Our shared values

Our shared values are the foundation of our collective work. We are stronger when we work together.

Our nursing and midwifery values:

  • Caring - We care for people with their specific needs in mind and caring is central to our identity as nurses and midwives.
  • Advocacy - Nurses and midwives keep the system safe and are the critical link between patient and system.
  • Holism - Nurses and midwives provide continuity of care to the whole person around the clock.
  • Professionalism - Nurses and midwives are accountable and uphold high, ethical practice standards.

Our union values:

  • Fairness - We are committed to a fair go in our workplaces and our broader society.
  • Collectivism - We are stronger when we work together.
  • Equality - All Australians should be treated equally, be free from discrimination, harassment, intimidation and violence and deserve equal access to quality public services.
  • Opportunity - We seek to improve the quality of life of all Australians.

These shared values guide us. They bind us as we work together in union. Values without commitment are hollow gestures.

To download a printable PDF version of the QNMU Member Code of Conduct, click here.