About Michael

Michael Hall is a Registered Nurse and Midwife at Beaudesert Hospital specialising in maternity.

Michael Hall

Often as kids we are asked what we want to do as an adult; to earn an income, with our life.  
My parents were the same with me.  
They came to Australia, my mum from Switzerland and my father from Poland, and both wanted their kids “to be successful”.  
Fortunately, after 50 plus years, I have learned that I don’t have to be “successful” as some people define it. 
I am happy to just make a difference.  
I always wanted to belong. Never to be seen as a failure.  
I never needed to be looked up to, but I didn’t want to be looked down upon either.  
First as a nurse and then as a midwife I found where I belong. I am reassured that I am making a difference.  
Everything we do as nurses and midwives is in the context of intimacy.  
Whether we are discussing medications or changing a dressing, it is intimate.  
If we are with a woman in childbirth or holding the hand of a dying person, it is intimate.  
It is not easy. If you’re not compassionate or empathetic you could easily cause damage instead of helping.  
I don’t believe it’s a calling. You can if you wish. I find it simply satisfying.  
No, I'm not a ‘midman’ or a ‘midhusband’.  
My decade as a nurse prepared me for being a midwife and I still use my nursing skills every day.  
I love this life.  
I am a midwife – with woman.  


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